We´re a production company whose directors have over 20 years experience in the trade, this has allowed us to work all over the world with the best clients and agencies. Thanks to this we know everything needed to produce in Spain, but also everything needed to work outside our borders. Whatever we have to produce we add a series of values which are intrinsic to REPUBLICANA DE CINE. Confidence, professionalism, transparency, security, thoroughness right down to the smallest details and the best “production value” at the best price. Having all this experience and living in a country like Spain which is a great place to shoot (we aren´t telling you anything

new if we tell you about the variety of locations, international castings, great climate, a lot of great professionals …), it was a natural step to create the Production Services department at REPUBLICANA DE CINE. A department which responds quickly, efficiently, creatively and in a bespoke way to every project. We know we like how we´re treated when we film outside Spain and that´s the way we treat our clients. We offer what we would like for ourselves, nothing more, nothing less.
If you would like any more information don´t hesitate to ask us. info@republicanadecine.com